Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Here are my new “Old style bears”

Here are my new “Old style bears” they are made to look like the old fashioned bears we used to have and love as children. I don’t like to make them look too tatty and worn, some are double dyed and have loose cotter pin joints. Most of the bears are made from sparse mohair or old looking mohair.
Sam is my favourite bear.


After we had visited Goathland, we went on to Whitby.

It was a lovely day although it was cold and windy.

The famous Whitby Abbey is on the top of the hill.
We had to wait a while to cross the bridge to go to the old part of Whitby because a boat with a big mast wanted to go through.


We recently had a trip to Whitby, on the way we stopped off at Goathland where the 60's hit tv program "Heartbeat" was recorded.
Above is the garage and below the Famous Aidensfield arms.