Sunday, 25 March 2012


I found some photos from my childhood and thought I would share them with you. This is Dad, Mum, my little sister and me (the older child) at Scarborough when we were young. This is me and my sister at Butlins watching a Punch and Judy show, I am the older child with the slightly large swimming costume. Probably bought for me to "grow in to"
This little girl is my mum when she was quite small.
I use this picture on my swing tags.
This in my grandma "GranDo" she always said she didn’t want to be called grandma. In this picture, my mum said Gran was about 21year old. It is strange to think I always knew her as an old lady.
Grando was the one who taught me to sew.
I inherited her Singer sewing machine. Sewing was her lively hood. She bought the singer sewing machine when she was a teenager, she used it to sew with most of her life. She made haute couture wedding dresses and clothes to support herself and my mum and mum's two brothers. Gran spent all her life sewing.